Below are individual and team projects I have worked on regarding Human Factors & UX Research, UX Design, and other personal projects.


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Human Factors & UX Research


EMPOWER: Interview Analysis

Performed data analysis on post-study interviews conducted over safety culture, fatigue management, sleep quality and vigilance to inform design requirements of a supervisory dashboard used in offshore oil rigs.

Qualitative Data Analysis using MaxQDA


mHELP: Exit Interview Analysis

Performed data analysis and thematic coding of exit interviews from participants in the mHELP application pilot study to make improvements and cater design of application more towards college student's mental health needs.

Qualitative Data Analysis using MaxQDA


mHELP: Heart Rate Analysis

Statistical analysis of heart rate data collected from the mHELP pilot study done using ANOVA/MANOVA to find correlation between heart rate and stress moments.

Quantitative Data Analysis using R/RStudio


The Thrills of "Netflix and Chill"

Performed Cognitive & Hierarchal Task Analysis on the Netflix Desktop UI for Windows and proposed potential redesigns using Heuristic Evaluation. 

Cognitive Systems Engineering 

Group Project

Breville Barista Express.png

Breville Barista Express

Human Information Processing Analysis on the Breville Barista Express using Signal Detection Theory and proposed possible redesign solutions.

Human Information Processing 

Group Project


Virtual Learning During COVID-19

Reviewed Literature on HCI specifically regarding asynchronous and syncrhonous learning methodology during COVID-19.

Human Factors Literature Review

"i Am Fearless" Tour 

Eggshell Crack Detector.png

Eggshell Crack Detector

The chance of getting a cracked egg in a single box is high. This image processing project evaluates the quality of the egg based on the crack.

Digital Image Processing | Matlab

Caramel the Satin.png

Caramel and Kumo

A personal project to showcase my pet rabbits, Caramel and Kumo, through social media and affiliate marketing bringing joy in light of the current pandemic.

Social Media | Photography

UX Design


WhatsApp Redesign

I redesigned WhatsApp to minimize the number of clicks to navigate the application and reorganized the layout used to accomplish common tasks.

Personal UX Redesign



Designed an educational application that integrated tDCS hardware for the rehabilitation of dyslexic readers after conducting user research.

3DayStartup Competition Finalist


United Parcel Service (UPS)

Designed Human Machine Interface Screens and incorporated a user-friendly layout for industrial and electrical designs used in UPS.

Plant Engineer Internal Product Intern

Other Projects

i Am Fearless.png

Lead a team to design, brand, and campaign the proposed Sephora Fearless Tour after conducting user research virtually over Reddit and Slack.

BrandX Challenge - Sephora

Team LOAF of Bread